Heichal Halimmud


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Drop some coins each morning into the Yagdil Torah פושקא located in 770.
Pushka location: Walk down the main aisle toward the doors, it is on your  on the right side at shoulder height.

Chalukas Hashas 5773   Giving has never been easier

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Chof Adar I, 5774

The turn of the twentieth century brought along with it a host of new inventions and technologies, each one more innovative than the next. The use of electricity and electrical lights became widespread, extending to the large cities of Eastern Europe, and many Jewish entrepreneurs took advantage of the new lighting techniques and began dealing in electrical bulbs, lamps, and the like.

One such dealer in Cracow, Poland, opened a store to sell his wares on the first floor of a two-story building, underneath the beis hamedrash of R’ Yisroel Meisels A"h, which was located on the second floor. In order to advertise his products, he met with the gabboim of the beis hamedrash and offered the following deal: they would allow him to use the roof of the beis hamedrash to display his electrical lights, and he would pay for the renovation of the roof, as well as paying a yearly fee for the right to advertise on their property.

The gabboim of the beis hamedrash were pleased with the deal. The roof was indeed in need of fixing, and they could use the yearly revenue as well. But they were unsure if halachah allowed a beis hamedrash to be used for such a purpose. Were they allowed to go ahead with the plan?

It "aint" over till the last minute
Chof Adar I, 5774

When it comes to learning Torah, there’s the psak din which states that even if you studied nonstop for an entire day, except for one minute when you could have learned but didn’t, then the negative things Chazal said which are quoted at the beginning of Tanya apply to you.

It’s true that you’ll receive a big, wonderful reward for the 23 hours and 59 minutes you spent learning Torah, the reward you receive specifically for learning Torah (which is equal to all the mitzvos put together), but this does not free you from the obligation to utilize that last minute at your disposal which you can fill with Torah study. The same powerful obligation applies to this minute, and you’re obligated to use it.

Yud Beis Tamuz 5737

A Heartfelt Call Zayin Adar I 5774

Dear Member of Anash, It's been a few years. Yagdil Torah has come so far. Now, however, we are surpassing our limitations-Boruch Hashem!

Several esteemed community leaders signed a letter stating that it's time for Yagdil Torah to acquire new accommodations for our Heichal. It's time for us to expand even more!

Please read the letter and hearken to its call. Your positive response is greatly appreciated!

Chof Zayin Shvat 5774

Avoda Zara (No, I'm Not Getting Into That Topic)

A missionary arrives in Crown Heights. Soon enough he is politely asked to leave. The missionary resists. Police are called, security patrols get a whiff and are there in moments. Police claim that he has the right to do his “thing”. Community activists immediately call the Mayor’s office, while others start an awareness campaign on how to deal with missionaries. The websites have 3 op-eds each on the subject, and that’s just the start.

Avoda Zara is a terrible thing – we hope to do our best in eradicating it from our midst. What’s interesting, though, is that the Alter Rebbe points out that the loss of Torah study due to petty optional activities is less forgivable than Avoda Zara. Eliminating that problem won’t be covered on the front page of a local newspaper– but for your own life it deserves some real introspection and action.

Chof Zayin Shvat 5774

Over the course of the centuries, various instances have been recorded in which great sages created human like creatures using combinations of Hashem’s name, a feat revealed to them by studying Sefer Yetzirah. Can such a man be counted as part of a minyan? Does he have the Halachic status of a Jew, or is he a creature on two feet?

This interesting question was first put forth by the Chacham Tzvi. He argues that a possible clarification can be gleaned from the Gemara’s account (see Sanhedrin 65b) that Reb Zeira dismantled such a creature, reverting him back to dust. If he were to have had the status of a full-fledged Jew, doing so would amount to murder!

However, the Chacham Tzvi refutes this proof. According to a novel exposition of a verse in Bereishis (9:6), the prohibition of murder is limited to a human being that was born to parents. The Chacham Tzvi concludes that nevertheless, from the fact that Rebbi Zeira found no use in the creature and saw no reason to prolong his existence, it is clear that such a man would not be qualified to take part in a minyan.

An additional rationale is posited by the Chacham Tzvi’s son, The Yaavet"z. A deaf-mute, although regarded to be a complete Jew, is considered to be lacking daas, rendering him unfit to be part of a minyan. The same Halachah would apply to a person created through Sefer Yetzirah, who lacks the faculties of sound and speech.

Another proof can be brought from the story (Berachos 47b) that Rebbi Eliezer redeemed his Canaanite slave, despite the biblical instruction to the contrary, in order to allow him to serve as the tenth man in a minyan. If a man created through Sefer Yetzirah can indeed fulfill such a role, Rebbi Eliezer would not have found a need to push aside a biblical law and would have created a person through Sefer Yetzirah instead.

(Responsa Chacham Tzvi 1:93; She’ilas Yaavetz 2:82; Maalos Hayuchasin)

Chof Zayin Shvat 5774

14 Iyar 5722 (1962)

After the longest interruption I received your letter from the tenth of Iyar, which still doesn't provide insight into the cause for this delay.

And in regards to your writing that you don’t have a set time for studying Torah, this elicits understandable astonishment bordering on the alarm; could such behavior be believed even if it were reported, especially when calling to mind the roots of your illustrious ancestry etc. etc.? There can be no further elaboration, especially about something so painful.

It should be clear that these lines are written with the sole purpose of exhorting you that as soon as you receive this letter you’ll do everything within your means to fix and improve the above; this matter is exclusively dependent on you, and as Chazal say, everything is in the hands of Heaven except for the fear of Heaven, and particularly considering that the roots of your illustrious ancestry provide assistance. I await good news on all that’s been stated.

Printed for Shabbos Va’yeira 5774, by Vaad Hanochos B'Lahak, and is reprinted here with their permission

Chof Beis Shvat 5774

A Shliach gets big check and realizes...

'Hi Mike!"

"Rabbi, you can call me Michoel."

"I am happy to hear about your recent earnings of billions due to your invention of the hyper-chip; I hope you can help Chabad with 100 million." "Please Rabbi, I don't even feel that amount these days; its yours!"

"Thanks a million; actually 100 times."

"Sorry to change the subject Michoel, but what is this tremendous book over here?"

"It's a manual on how to assemble and more importantly confirm the safety of each hyper-chip."

"So big, why are you so careful with all the details?"

"While the new chip makes computers provide unbelievable fast speeds which has made our company grow tremendously, if even one chip is made wrong it can blow up and destroy a large area - which will send our business down the drain no matter which way the news spins it."

"Oh my Michoel! I just realized how that teaches all of us a lesson of a lifetime.

Just like each minute action of each employee affects the entire company, so to the thoughts, words, and actions that a Jew does is of critical importance to G-d. In fact, the Rebbe explains that G-d's very kingship over the world depends on it! It is therefore of paramount importance to have a good progressive knowledge of Halacha which requires ongoing study whenever there is a hour, minute, or even a second. You have inspired me to fill my time with even more Halacha study, thank you for the motivation!"