Heichal Halimmud


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Drop some coins each morning into the Yagdil Torah פושקא located in 770.
Pushka location: Walk down the main aisle toward the doors, it is on your  on the right side at shoulder height.

Chalukas Hashas 5773   Giving has never been easier

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Have you wanted to know the Real Deal about creation? Well now you can! Yud Gimmel Iyar, 5774

Come join a shiur in English which will explain all you ever wanted to understand about this mystical topic.

What: The philosophy of creation as recorded in the original Tanya text
Where: JCM basement, in the Jewish children's theater
When: Sunday mornings, 9:30 - 10:30 AM

These 12 chapters of Shaar HaYichud can enhance your understanding of countless Sichos and Maamorim you will learn!

This program will take place weekly, beginning Sunday of Parshas Bechukosai, 11th of Iyar (May 11th), with a goal of finishing by Gimmel Tammuz.

Organized by Mishkan Menachem

Calendar Correction Hei Iyar, 5774

In our rush to get the Yagdil Torah calendar on-time, we missed an error in the month of אייר that slipped into the final print version of the Calendar. Inadvertently, the English dates got shifted by one day. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and offer the following solution:

1. You can click here to download and print a sheet that can be pasted over the existing page.

2. You can pick up a printed self adhesive sheet that can be pasted over the existing page.

If you know anyone who uses the Yagdil Torah calendar, kindly alert him or her to this so they will not have confusion in the month of Iyar.

Hei Iyar, 5774

How to Escape From Prison

In Judaism, one of the most precious and greatest Mitzvos a Jew can be a part of is Pidyon Shvuim (redemption of prisoners). When we contemplate what prisoners inevitably endure in jail, we are filled with empathy for them. The suffering, the tribulations, the limitations....

Keeping that in mind, how would you feel if one day somebody turned to you and told you that you are in prison?

When a Jew has the opportunity to learn Torah and doesn't do so, his neshama feels it. He feels lousy for he wants to learn Torah but is unable to fully express and carry out his wishes. It's a challenge which he constantly strives to overcome, an obstacle which he attempts to jump over (l’chatchila ariber!), but breaking free is not easy. Aren't we essentially in prison when we can’t implement our ideals?

Chassidus teaches us that we need to take our personal inspiration into our own personal hands. Thousands of pages in Chassidus send us a message that is loud and clear: “Torah is the true pleasure, gratification, and satisfaction of the soul in this world.” With this knowledge at the front of our minds, we can break out of our personal jails and immerse ourselves in the free world of Limmud Torah.

Developed by Rabbi Menachem Chuzhin

Hei Iyar, 5774

A popular discussion point in philosophy and ethics is the famous “Trolley Problem.” The particulars of this scenario are as follows: A trolley cart is barreling down the tracks at a great speed. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people, unaware of the imminent danger bearing down upon them. You are standing to the side of the tracks, witnessing this horrific spectacle. Next to you, however, is a lever, which, if pulled, would transfer the trolley cart onto a different set of tracks. The issue is that on this second set of tracks there is one person, who is also unaware of the unfolding drama. If you pull the lever, you would save the five, but the single person on the second track would die.

What do you do? Pull the lever and save the five? Or do nothing and let the five die? Most people’s gut feeling would tell them to pull the lever and save the five. Isn't it better to save four lives, even if it means sacrificing one?

What would Halacha say in such a case? Would you be permitted to pull the lever, thereby doing an action which enables the killing of one life, in order to save five lives?

Want to help out but just don't have the funds? Hei Iyar, 5774

Amazon.com has initiated a new program called Amazon Smile. All you have to do is register with your regular Amazon.com account by clicking here. This costs you nothing, but for every purchase you make, Amazon.com will donate a certain amount to our organization. Your every donation goes a long way!

Thank you for being a part of spreading Limmud Torah.

Everyone can take part in Mivtza Torah! Hei Iyar, 5774

As the aforementioned ma'amar explains, we give expression to the war against Amalek by removing the refidim and giving chizuk to Jews who engage in public Torah study. In particular, we can set this inyan in motion by taking part in Mivtza Torah.

Not every one of us was blessed with the talent and ability to teach Torah publicly-for instance, teaching public shiurim. Even when it comes to people who have these gifts, there is no guarantee that the public will actually come to learn, hear, and participate in their shiurim so that the learning will in fact be public.

This is the greatness of Mivtza Torah. We connect with other Jews, talk to them, and inspire them to take part in scheduling public itim la-Torah-set times to lean Torah, publicly. By just starting to connect with that other Jew, by encouraging him to schedule itim la-Torah, even before we try to accomplish any other inyanim, we achieve a connection to public Torah study. This is because that other Jew was previously part of the public domain, detached from the private domain, not through any fault of his own, but because he was a tinok she-nishba, he lacked a Torah background. By encouraging this Jew who was part of the public domain to learn Torah, we achieve the inyan of public Torah study.

Toras Menachem 5742 Page 324

Newly updated publication available for Yud Gimmel Nissan!
Gimmel Nissan, 5774

The Rebbe encourages us to learn the works of a Rebbe in Nigleh and Chassidus on his Yom Hilula, and to learn (at least one perek) Mishnayos beginning with the letters of his name. Yagdil Torah compiled a publication with Mishnayos and selected pieces of the Tzemach Tzedek's Torah. The publication will be available in local shuls, at our office and on our website.

The publication marking Yud Gimmel Nissan (the Yom Hilula of the Tzemach Tzedek) includes the full Mishnayos and easily accessible learning material and sections in English. It also includes stories of the Tzemach Tzedek.

Click here to download the Yud Gimmel Nissan Publication.

Gimmel Nissan, 5774


Have you ever made yourself a cup of morning coffee and, after adding all of the ingredients and watched them fuze into a new entity, realized you put too much sugar? [or coffee?] That's probably happened to you, but what did you do about it? Did you add more of the other ingredients, or did it cross your mind to just remove the extra ingredient? Of course you wouldn't be able to, as the entities had already united together! There is no more sugar, no more coffee granules, just one single cup. Perhaps a professional chemist could isolate the coffee particles and help you out if you really wanted to take out an ingredient. But, obviously, it would be simpler to just make yourself a new cup of coffee! And this time around, be more careful when putting in the ingredients.

Here, however, is a challenge that even a chemist with a degree from Harvard couldn't help you with:

Greater than the unity formed when two searing hot ingredients mix together inside a coffee cup, is the unity that Hashem has with a Yid at the time that he is studying Torah. According to Tanya (Perek Hay) the unity is profoundly deep and there is no unity like it in this world!

So, the next time you are sipping a cup of perfectly mixed coffee, contemplate this fascinating fact. Don't be alarmed to find yourself reaching for a Sefer shortly thereafter....