Shiurim Calendar

Tips and features of this calendar:
  • The Topic, Magid Shiur and Language of the Shiur is in the title of the event for easy browsing. Click on the event title to see complete information about the event.
  • For Shiurim without a fixed time (e.g. between Mincha and Maariv, after Shacharis, etc.) an approximate time was entered. Please make sure to check the event details for the actual Shiur time. Please also look out for seasonal changes in the details of the event.
  • The address of the location of the Shiur was entered in the location field so that you can take advantage of the "Map" feature. The location name is in the details.
  • Search: All the information about the shiur is fully searchable so that you can find a Shiur by location, Magid Shiur or language. In addition tags were added to each event to help you find a Shiur by general topic (e.g. Gemara, Halacha, Chassidus, etc.).

    Please note: search is only available for private calendars, please add the calendar to your private calendars using one of the links below and use the search function for your application.
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לזכות הב"ש שי' לבני, חיי ומזוני וכולם רויחי