"I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and have a regular day job. Most of my learning is done on the bus or while walking. You have great resources to help keep me learning and participating in things. I have enjoyed the Mishnayos printouts for 9 Kislev and 13 Tishrei."

Michoel Dovid Leopold

"I have been to other communities and I can't express enough how fortunate we are to have an organization like Yagdil Torah where you can walk down the street and see, 'Oh, a shiur on this, another shiur on this,' always learning and you never have to worry."

Menachem Mendel Simon

"Here more than any other place in Crown Heights have I been able to really 'chap' more of the Torah and the Rebbe's Sichos and more of the inspiration that Chassidus has to offer."

Ari Pfeffer

“I heard about Yagdil Torah’s 20 hour open-door policy and decided I had to check it out for myself. I went there at about 12:45 AM and was amazed to find people learning. I sat down and before I knew it, an hour had passed as if it was only 5 minutes… The undisturbed, quiet atmosphere made it a pleasure.

I got hooked.

I guess my newfound pleasure was noticed by my friends and neighbors – they joined too. The secret is out: If anyone wants to learn in a quiet, heimishe place, this is it.”

Shlomo Ezagui

“To have a comfortable place in the Shechunah where everyone can sit and learn is great enough, but to have so many shiurim available on a regular basis, finding chavrusas, encouraging people - especially through your wonderful newsletter -on top of that? Incredible.

But what is most amazing for me is that all the shiurim are available for me to enjoy in Miami Beach! I’m a regular listener to your shiurim on Chassidus, Nigleh, and Halachoh L'Maaseh.

Keep up the amazing work, and have tremendous hatzlochah!”

Shmuel Mendelsohn - Mashpia of Yeshivah Torah Ohr in North Miami Beach

"One of the Yagdil Torah tactics I admire is the exposure of existing Torah learning as a means of inspiring others."

Rabbi Yoseph Paltiel - Mashpia United Lubavitcher Yeshivah, Chovevei Torah

"Yagdil Torah is breathing vital life into our community. The efforts of the organization are not only important, but crucial for our very existence.

So thank you Levi and the Yagdil Torah team, for bringing us life!"

Rabbi Yossi Pels - Co-Director Chayeinu Publications

"The study of Torah each day is critical for every member of our community. It will broaden our horizons, make us happier, healthier, more wholesome people, better humans, husbands and fathers. It will challenge us to grow and live our lives to the fullest. Yagdil Torah-the way to go!"

Rabbi Yoseph Jacobson - Dean TheYeshivah.net

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Guard Your Eyes
Heichal Halimmud

Drop some coins each morning into the Yagdil Torah פושקא located in 770.
Pushka location: Walk down the main aisle toward the doors, it is on your  on the right side at shoulder height.

Inspirational Stories

סיפור נפלא י"א תשרי תשע"ה

סיפור המובא כאן הוא סיפור נפלא שסיפר ל"יגדיל תורה" אחד מחשובי אנ"ש דקראון הייטס בקשר עם הקובצי לימוד שיוצאים לאור (ע"י יגדיל תורה) לרגל היומי הילולא של כ"ק רבותינו נשיאנו. מלבד גודל קדושת לימוד התורה בכלל, סיפור זה מגלה מעלה מיוחדת בלימוד המשניות, ובפרט בלימוד בקשר ליאהרצייט, ובפרט ליום הילולא של רבותינו נשיאנו.בכל יום הילולא של רבותינו נשיאנו אני לומד משניות המתחיל עם האות המתאים לשם הנשיא ונותן צדקה במנין השם.לפני כמה שנים הייתי חוץ לעיר בי"ג ניסן (יום הילולא של כ"ק אדמו"ר הצ"צ) ואחד מהמשפחה הי' בבית הרפואה ולא הי' לי משניות ללמוד הפרקים המתאים לשם. נצטערתי על שלא הי' לי משניות אבל אמרתי לעצמי מה אני יכול לעשות, אני בטוח שהרבי יבין ובלי נדר כשיהא לי משניות אני ילמוד את הפרקים המתאים לשם של כ"ק אדמו"ר הצ"צ.

מוצאי יום טוב של פסח טלפנתי אל ההורים שלי לראות איך הי' יום טוב. דיברתי עם אבא שלי והוא אמר לי "בליל ראשון של חג הפסח הי' לי חלום שהייתי אצל הצ"צ, והקפדתי על שלא ביקשת ברכה מהצ"צ... הצ"צ עשה עם ידו הקדושה תנועה שלא לדאוג, ואמר ברוסית "אידי אי קרעפקי בודיעט" (לך ויהא טוב)

Amazing Story Yud Aleph Tishrei, 5775

The following is an incredible story that was told to Yagdil Torah by one of the important people of the "Anash" of Crown Heights. It is regarding the pamphlets (Kovtzei Limud) that are published by Yagdil Torah in honor of the Yom Hilulah of the Rabbeim. Besides the great holiness of Torah learning in general, the story reveals the unique quality of learning Mishnayos and especially when the learning is in connection to a Yartzeit, and more specifically to a Yom Hilulah of our Rabbeim.

Whenever we mark the Yom Hillula of one of the Rebbeim, I have the practice of learning chapters of Mishnayos whose first letters spell out the name of that Rebbe, and of giving Tzedaka in the amount corresponding to the numerical value of the name.

A number of years ago, I was out of town on Yud-Gimmel Nisssan (the Yom Hillulah of the Tzemach Tzedek). A family member had been hospitalized and I was at the hospital without a Mishnayos. I felt bad for not being able to recite the Mishnayos, but I thought to myself: "What can I do? The Rebbe will surely understand. Bli-neder when I have a Mishnayos, I will recite the chapters corresponding to the name of the Tzemach Tzedek".

On Motzei Yom Tov (Pesach), I phoned my parents to see how Yom Tov was by them. My father told me the following: "On the first night of Pesach, I dreamt that I [had an audience] with the Tzemach Tzedek. In my dream, I was upset that you did not ask the Tzemach Tzedek for a bracha. The Tzemach Tzedek, however, gestured with his hand, as if to say, don't worry about it. Then he said in Russian: "Idi ee krepki budyet" ["Go, and it will good"].

A silent killer among us Chof Vov Tishrei 5773

If you thought Peta was bad, wait 'till you meet this nemesis. Sly, incipient, creeping and greedy. And many don't even know it's there. How can we protect our children against such an invisible force?
Click here to read.

Something to Think About Chof Adar, 5772

Did you hear the one about the guy who won 10 million dollars in the lottery? He didn't agree with the terms and conditions, including one that said that he had to pick up the prize at the time he would normally eat his lunch, and so he asked for a $1 refund for his ticket instead of claiming his prize.

We often do the same thing. We have a winning lottery ticket- the Torah whose value is too great to fathom- but aren't ready to claim the prize, as we don't agree to the terms and conditions- the speaker is lousy, the time is wrong or we have other things to do.

Instead we "take back the dollar," and spend our time doing other things.

If we only realized the true value of what we have, we would realize that our excuses are similar to a person who chooses a $1 refund over a $10 million prize.

Are the Greeks Behind Your Glasses? Chof Hei Kislev 5772

Although dreidels are no longer needed to mask the act of Torah study from the eyes of Greek soldiers, their historical use bears a similar message to contemporary Yidden. The challenges of making Torah study central to one's life are still applicable, albeit their origin has now shifted from an outside source to one's personal self.

See how each of the letters featured on the driedel can be seen as a window into improving one's consistency and efficiency in the realm of studying Torah by clicking here.

זה היית אתה......
ששלחת לנו אימייל או סימסת לנו:
ל' תשרי התשע"ב

אני צריך חברותא, איך אני יכול להירשם?
מתי השיעור שדיין רסקין מוסר בענין התפילה?
אני רוצה לקבוע שיעור עם חבר, אתם יכולים לעזור עם הלוגיסטיקה?
החלטתי שהדרך היחידה שאתחיל ללמוד זה על ידי שפשוט אתחיל ללמוד. ה'היכל' פתוח בשש בבוקר, נכון?
איך ניתן להשיג אחת מחוברות הלימוד לו' תשרי?

אה, לא שאלת שום שאלה שכזו? למה לא?

Reb Volf Perseveres Yud Daled Adar I 5771

Related to Levi Browd of Yagdil Torah right after R' Volf Greenglass' Shloshim
As a bochur I learned in Montreal where Reb Volf was my Mashpiah. When I got married and started to work he called me every so often for donations for the yeshiva. Unlike other fundraisers who attempted to be soft, he was quite to the point, and he was relentless in his desire that I be shomer itim of limmud haTorah. Whenever we spoke

An Inspiration It Is Yud Beis Cheshvan 5771

I was walking down the street and I noticed a friend of mine parking his car as he was returning from work. As I passed, I heard a familiar voice,

A Telling Story Chof Daled Shevat 5770

Once, while a Kinnus Torah was taking place in 770, a chosson stood outside immersed in conversation with his future father-in-law. The Rebbe, who was passing by at that time, approached them and asked (in surprise) what they were doing.

Rebbe‘s Letter to a Gemara Shiur Yud Gimmel Shevat 5770

25 Years later just in time for Tu Bshvat!
Approximately thirty years ago a group of Anash got together and started a Shiur in Gemara twice a week.