Beis Midrash Starts Strong

Heeding the call of the Rebbeim that “Torah study ought to take place in the Beis Midrash specifically“, Yagdil Torah’s Thursday night Beis Midrash program launched in Kollel Menachem with over 40 participants.

“You have to learn in a Beis Midrash, in an environment of Torah, not just for you but for the people who observe you” said Rabbi Y.Y. Paltiel who helped launch the program with words of inspiration.

Aiming to provide a practical and inspiring place to study that generates an atmosphere of community-wide learning, Yagdil Torah arranges chaburos, organizes chavrusas, and provides study materials.

Beis Midrash Week #1 from Yagdil Torah on Vimeo.

“There must be a place for people to learn at all times,” said Rabbi Yosef Heller a senior Rov in Crown Heights. 

While many Anash members came with a chavrusa, several linked up at the program or joined a chabura, as others learnt on their own. “I greatly enjoyed it,” said one participant. “A very attractive program,” shared his chavrusa. 

Current plans call for expanding the program, adding more nights to the schedule, organizing chavrusas and chaburas for every participant who requests, and inviting in and out of town Rabonim and Mashpiim to give shiurim.

“…your job is to learn, daven, and 'light up' the city.… The place of a Yid is in Shul,” writes the Frierdiker Rebbe in Sefer HaSichos 5680-5687. 

The entire community is invited to join. The Beis Midrash is located in Kolel Menachem 1493 Union St. (Corner of Kingston) and starts at 8:30 PM. More information is available at www.yagdiltorah.org

This weeks learning will be dedicated to ensure the safety of the Yidden in Eretz Yisroel

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More Shiurim in Crown Heights. http://www.chjcc.org/Shiur.html.

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