"I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and have a regular day job. Most of my learning is done on the bus or while walking. You have great resources to help keep me learning and participating in things. I have enjoyed the Mishnayos printouts for 9 Kislev and 13 Tishrei."

Michoel Dovid Leopold

"I have been to other communities and I can't express enough how fortunate we are to have an organization like Yagdil Torah where you can walk down the street and see, 'Oh, a shiur on this, another shiur on this,' always learning and you never have to worry."

Menachem Mendel Simon

"Here more than any other place in Crown Heights have I been able to really 'chap' more of the Torah and the Rebbe's Sichos and more of the inspiration that Chassidus has to offer."

Ari Pfeffer

“I heard about Yagdil Torah’s 20 hour open-door policy and decided I had to check it out for myself. I went there at about 12:45 AM and was amazed to find people learning. I sat down and before I knew it, an hour had passed as if it was only 5 minutes… The undisturbed, quiet atmosphere made it a pleasure.

I got hooked.

I guess my newfound pleasure was noticed by my friends and neighbors – they joined too. The secret is out: If anyone wants to learn in a quiet, heimishe place, this is it.”

Shlomo Ezagui

“To have a comfortable place in the Shechunah where everyone can sit and learn is great enough, but to have so many shiurim available on a regular basis, finding chavrusas, encouraging people - especially through your wonderful newsletter -on top of that? Incredible.

But what is most amazing for me is that all the shiurim are available for me to enjoy in Miami Beach! I’m a regular listener to your shiurim on Chassidus, Nigleh, and Halachoh L'Maaseh.

Keep up the amazing work, and have tremendous hatzlochah!”

Shmuel Mendelsohn - Mashpia of Yeshivah Torah Ohr in North Miami Beach

"One of the Yagdil Torah tactics I admire is the exposure of existing Torah learning as a means of inspiring others."

Rabbi Yoseph Paltiel - Mashpia United Lubavitcher Yeshivah, Chovevei Torah

"Yagdil Torah is breathing vital life into our community. The efforts of the organization are not only important, but crucial for our very existence.

So thank you Levi and the Yagdil Torah team, for bringing us life!"

Rabbi Yossi Pels - Co-Director Chayeinu Publications

"The study of Torah each day is critical for every member of our community. It will broaden our horizons, make us happier, healthier, more wholesome people, better humans, husbands and fathers. It will challenge us to grow and live our lives to the fullest. Yagdil Torah-the way to go!"

Rabbi Yoseph Jacobson - Dean TheYeshivah.net

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Guard Your Eyes
Heichal Halimmud

Drop some coins each morning into the Yagdil Torah פושקא located in 770.
Pushka location: Walk down the main aisle toward the doors, it is on your  on the right side at shoulder height.

A Story to Remember #38

Chof Alef Cheshvan, 5778

An Invitation of a Lifetime

If you ever visit Yerushalayim and happen to pass by the large square which is called Batei Orenstein, you would be interested to know about the worthy deeds performed by a Jew named Berel Orenstein who built the original houses which stand in that place.

Reb Berel and his wife had already eaten their dinner and the kitchen was cleared away. Reb Berel had settled down to study Torah and his wife was relaxing with some needlework when there was a knock at the door. Reb Berel opened the door a crack, but the visitor pushed it so forcefully that Reb Berel was thrown backward. Several young hoodlums quickly followed into the house and ordered the terrified couple to lie on the floor. Although they offered no resistance, the couple was beaten unconscious and then bound with strong ropes.

As this violence occurred inside the placid exterior of the home, a group of yeshiva students arrived at this same house. "It's completely dark. Do you think we really should knock?" one of the students asked the others.

"Reb Moshe specifically told us to make sure to bring Reb Berel to the wedding. He's waiting there until we come," another replied.

"We have to wake them up," a third offered. And so they walked up to door and knocked. Repeated knocking, however, brought no response.

"Maybe we should force the door; maybe something has happened to them and they can't open the door." But forcing was not necessary, for the door easily pushed open.

When the young men entered they saw a dark form on the floor which turned out to be Reb Berel. They untied him and his wife who, by now, had regained consciousness, and explained that they had been sent by Reb Moshe to bring them to his daughter's wedding.

"Baruch Hashem you came when you did. The robbers would have ransacked the entire house and who knows what else they might have done to my family. This is truly a miracle that resulted from my mitzva of Hachnassas Kalla"

"Please tell us what happened," the students insisted.

Reb Berel, who was just recovering his composure, explained, "One day I was walking down the street, when I ran into Reb Moshe. He looked worried and so I asked him, 'How is everything?'

"He answered me, saying that he had to marry off his daughter very soon, and he didn't have the money. I asked him how much he needed, and he replied, 'Two hundred gold coins,' which was quite a sizable sum. Baruch Hashem, I have more than enough, and so I just took out my wallet and gave him the money plus some extra. Then I added, 'Just don't forget to invite me to the wedding!'

"I knew the wedding invitations had gone out, and I was surprised that he had forgotten to invite me. Now, I understand the Hashgocho P'rotis behind that apparent oversight. If you hadn't come along when you had I might have lost a great deal of my fortune and, who knows, we might have even lost our very lives!"

"Do you feel well enough to come to the wedding?" they asked Reb Berel. "For certainly, Reb Moshe is still waiting for you!"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything," Reb Berel exclaimed. "Thanks to the money I gave Reb Moshe, my life, the lives of my family and my fortune were saved."

Most of the wedding guests had already left, but Reb Moshe was there waiting for the "guest of honor," the benefactor he had forgotten to invite. Reb Moshe was about to apologize, when Reb Berel hugged him and began recounting the tale of his rescue.

Then Reb Berel said he had an announcement to make. "For many years I have thought of moving to the Holy Land. Tonight I have decided that I will, in fact, move there as soon as I close up my business here. There, I will build houses for the poor and for Torah scholars in Yerushalayim. In this way I hope to repay G-d for all the good He has done for me, and I pray that through this deed, I will bring the arrival of Moshiach a bit closer."

This announcement brought cheers from the remaining guests, "Amen, Amen," they cried joyfully. And so, the section of Batei Orenstein arose in the holy city of Yerushalayim to be a blessing to the needy who were furnished with housing due to the generosity of Reb Berel.

All rights reserved and reprinted from an article in L'chaim #543