One on One


At Yagdil Torah, we’re committed to helping you excel in limud HaTorah.

Our tutoring program offers one-on-one study sessions for both children and adults looking to strengthen their learning. 

If you can teach, apply now to join our team of experienced tutors. We offer a supportive and conducive environment for tutoring sessions.

If you are looking for a tutor, fill out the form below and we’ll endeavor to match you with an appropriate teacher.

Monitoring of the learning available. Brokering and the above presently free of charge, donations accepted. Currently we are only matching up male teachers with male students.
There are two ways to select a tutor; either you can browse the list of tutors or you can have us match your son to the best tutor available to your preferences, either way filling out the child form is required. We recommend the latter as the chances of a better learning experience are much higher.

I can Tutor

I need a Tutor

We recommend that the tutoring take place in a safe location; like using your home if its conducive to learning or a commonly largely occupied shul. There are 3 Heichal Halimuds in Crown Heights that fit the above criteria. Two of them are under the auspices of Yagdil Torah, one of which with live monitoring available at 574 Empire between 2:30 and 6pm , and the other with only video at 1475 president (entrance on Albany by alley), and the Heichal Halimud at 777 Eastern parkway.

If you know alef, teach alef.